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voodoods movesEdit

Axe Reaver Zipline Axe Magical Tripwire Extended Blade Electro Axe

console statsEdit

  • Health - 290 (max. 580)
  • Speed - 35 (max. 75)
  • Armor - 12 (max. 45)
  • Critical Hit - 30 (max. 80)
  • Elemental Power - 25 (max. 100)


Species: Orc
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Skylands
Element: Magic
Appearances: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Attacks/Actions: Axe Reaver

Zipline Axe Magical Tripwire Extended Blade Electro Axe

English Voice Actor: Freddie Winston (uncredited)


  • Magical Tripwire Bomb (500): Summon a Magic Tripwire that collapses on your enemies.
  • Weighted Axe (700): Axe attack does increased damage.
  • Tripwire Reserves (900): Summon up to two Magic Tripwires.
  • Extended Blade (1200): Zipline Axe attack has increased speed.

Elementalist - This upgrade path lets you further develop your magical abilities.

  • Roadblack Tripwire (1700): Magic Tripwires are longer and do increased damage.
  • Electric Feedback (2200): Magical energy radiates from you when hit, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Electro Axe (3000): When you strike with yoru Axe, anything nearby gets hurt too.

Marauder - This upgrade lets you further develop your skills with the Axe.

  • Shaman Style (1700): Unleash the Axe Spin combo attack.
  • Legendary Blade (2200): Axe attack does even more increased damage.
  • Hyperwire (3000): Zipline Axe travels much faster and does increased damage.

Soul Gem Upgrade

  • Impervious Tripwire (4000): Magic Tripwires deflect shots. This Soul Gem can be found in Arkeyan Armory.


Voodood was a brave warrior among his people. During his rite of passage as a young orc, he entered the Cave of Trials to prove his worth. It was there he found much more than expected. Lured by a brilliant light, Voodood discovered the skeleton of an enormous dragon with an ornate axe buried where the heart would have been. The village was astonished when he exited the cave holding the legendary Axe Reaver and wearing the dragon skull on his head. Voodood quickly became warrior leader and defended his homeland from many beasts and invaders… until he was the last of his tribe. Soon after, he joined the Skylanders.